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Top 5 Benefits of Bicycling for Your Health

This seemingly simple two wheeled mode of transport holds a massive impact in our conservation efforts. The benefits of riding a bicycle encompass many conservation efforts that hit your inner being – your soul.


1. A deep connection is established between the rider and nature. Nature’s gifts are never ending. Its beauty embodies the world we live in. With nature, we feel and see the many facets of how majestic the world is.

2. This activity empowers you to reach further via connectivity, aware of what is essential in this life that opens a door for feeling compassion for others and gaining the gift to become introspective and innovative.

3. A healthy body gives way to a healthy soul. Exercising releases Endorphin which are neurotransmitters coming from our central nervous system that prompt neurons to stimuli are making one feel happy or euphoric. Therefore, exercising like Bicycling is good for both our mental and physical well-being.


Try Bicycling to have a deeper sense of the state of being. If haven’t done it regularly, it will change your life.

Here’s a cool infographic with 5 key benefits of cycling: