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Saving Water In Your Bathroom

With temperatures heating up, the cost for water getting more and more dear, and the struggles that come with trying to be responsible to the planet, saving water is in the front of many people’s minds. With the bathroom being one of the many places that water waste is common, a few quick tips and tricks can help save water each and every day.

1. Shower Rather Than Bathe

If you like a long soak, you may actually be able to save a large amount of water by simply taking 5 minute showers. Try soaping up before turning the water on, turning it off when you are soaping your hair, or simply going through your routine as quickly as you can. There is nothing wrong with a good soak at the end of a long day, but cutting down on the number you take can impact your water bill and the planet as a whole.

2. Switch To An Energy Efficient Shower Head

Available online and in many local home improvement stores, energy efficient or low flow shower heads will generally restrict the flow of water coming out of your shower. While this may sound like it leads to less than refreshing showers, bathroom renovators WA Assett say that the new models were created to ensure that the water is all concentrated into a single area, making the stream strong and enjoyable.

3. Check Your Toilet

While you could replace your toilet with one that is going to use less water, you usually will be able to save almost as much water by simply checking all the seals and floats on your toilet. Making sure that it doesn’t run after the fact, that your float activates when the water gets to a reasonable level, and that there is no leaking behind the toilet can save more people more water than they realize.

4. Use Water Cups

If you are one of the many people who feel like they don’t really need a water cup in the bathroom and that using their hands to rinse their face, rinse out their teeth, or do any other water related task, you might be in for a bit of a rude awakening. Using a water cup will help cut down on the amount that you are using each time, ensure that you aren’t allowing too much water to go down the drain, and that you are able to standardize the amount of water that you use each and every day.

5. Make Sure Your Water Heater Is Up To Date

While the cost of replacing a water heater can be a bit dear, it can save you more than just water. It can also ensure that you use less electricity and that you aren’t at risk for fire and a number of other complications.

While many people think of things like not flushing the loo after a wee or showering less, you can still enjoy having your full hygiene routine and save water. A few simple changes are all that is needed.