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Wind turbines sillouetted at sunset

Renewable Energy is the Key to a Clean Australia

The ways in which we produce energy to heat our homes and run businesses is changing – we are at the beginning of a revolution that is long overdue. The reason we need to start protecting our environment is that our current methods are draining the planet’s resources.

Fossil fuels are coal, oil, and natural gas; huge power stations are a mining coal to burn and create power for our homes. Coal is non-renewable with means it is earth’s source than cannot be replaced, it means we are constantly drawing on the resources that will eventually dwindle away. This is becoming so expensive and is eating away at the earth.

Renewable energy is the key – this is obtaining energy by using natural sources such as the wind, rain, tides or solar power. The sun’s energy can be captured by solar panels and used to heat homes, create electricity, heat water and successfully be used industrially. After the initial outlay of solar panels, the sun does all the hard work without putting any pressure on the earth’s valuable non-renewable sources.

Mining in itself it tricky – it is the most dangerous career known to man. Mining is a waste of land and water as well as causing air pollution which is an extra strain on the ozone layer. Coal pollution is also bad for our health and is known to shorten lives of the people being exposed to it. Coal mining can also pollute the water if it is done on mountain tops.

It seems crazy that we are going to such extreme lengths to create energy when there are natural elements around us all of the time that are constant such as the wind and the sun. The wind is not the most pleasant weather condition. However, it is all around us a lot of the time. Windmills can capture the energy and similar to solar panels after the initial outlay of installing the wind turbines we can sit back and let nature do the hard work.

Many people in Australia have been opposed to the wind turbines thinking that they spoil the look of the countryside. Wind turbines, however, are not all that offensive when you take into account how a power station looks – a huge lump of concrete with smoke billowing from numerous chimneys. Thinking about the benefits of this renewable energy – a few wind turbines dotted around on the horizon are a small price to pay. Solar panels can be installed on every rooftop – they are not visually unattractive and can offer huge benefits.