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Wind turbines sillouetted at sunset

Renewable Energy is the Key to a Clean Australia

The ways in which we produce energy to heat our homes and run businesses is changing – we are at the beginning of a revolution that is long overdue. The reason we need to start protecting our environment is that our current methods are draining the planet’s resources.

Fossil fuels are coal, oil, and natural gas; huge power stations are a mining coal to burn and create power for our homes. Coal is non-renewable with means it is earth’s source than cannot be replaced, it means we are constantly drawing on the resources that will eventually dwindle away. This is becoming so expensive and is eating away at the earth.

Renewable energy is the key – this is obtaining energy by using natural sources such as the wind, rain, tides or solar power. The sun’s energy can be captured by solar panels and used to heat homes, create electricity, heat water and successfully be used industrially. After the initial outlay of solar panels, the sun does all the hard work without putting any pressure on the earth’s valuable non-renewable sources.

Mining in itself it tricky – it is the most dangerous career known to man. Mining is a waste of land and water as well as causing air pollution which is an extra strain on the ozone layer. Coal pollution is also bad for our health and is known to shorten lives of the people being exposed to it. Coal mining can also pollute the water if it is done on mountain tops.

It seems crazy that we are going to such extreme lengths to create energy when there are natural elements around us all of the time that are constant such as the wind and the sun. The wind is not the most pleasant weather condition. However, it is all around us a lot of the time. Windmills can capture the energy and similar to solar panels after the initial outlay of installing the wind turbines we can sit back and let nature do the hard work.

Many people in Australia have been opposed to the wind turbines thinking that they spoil the look of the countryside. Wind turbines, however, are not all that offensive when you take into account how a power station looks – a huge lump of concrete with smoke billowing from numerous chimneys. Thinking about the benefits of this renewable energy – a few wind turbines dotted around on the horizon are a small price to pay. Solar panels can be installed on every rooftop – they are not visually unattractive and can offer huge benefits.

Green Mortgage

Get A Green Mortgage And Help Protect The Environment

Research has shown that environmental degradation and poor living standards go hand in hand. When it comes to protecting the environment; everyone should chip in to make the world more livable and improve the quality of life as we know it. All these reasons have led to what is now called environmental or “green” mortgage”, it basically means that potential home owners or those seeking mortgages get higher amounts at lower interest rates if they are planning to make their homes more energy efficient. How about that? By making your home more energy efficient, you reduce your heating and cooling costs, protect the environment by having a smaller carbon footprint and thus you deserve to borrow more on your home. Ask your broker if they offer green mortgages, going green is protecting ourselves and securing the future for those who come after us.

So how can you as a home owner upgrade your home and save lots of money in the process while reducing the carbon footprint? Here are a few options.

* proper insulation, on average, about 60% of electricity expenses comes from heating and cooling the house, proper insulation means the house doesn’t heat up from external heat and when its cold, heat is not lost.

* double paned windows reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 20%.

* changing your dishwasher to an energy star rated one that uses less water and electricity.

* using compost on the kitchen garden or lawn instead of products bought from the stores.

* recycling the cans and bottles used in the house, throwing them in the trash means they get taken to landfills which degrade the environment even further. Kitchen waste can be used in composting.

When contacted for a comment, Tom Porter of Mortgage Hero Perth explained- “Getting a green or energy efficient mortgage (EEM) is one of the best ways you can play your part in protecting the environment. Anyone who qualifies for a regular mortgage automatically qualifies for an EEM too.”

To get one, you need to check the improvements needed in your home first, get an official inspection from the mortgage firm and you are good to go. It isn’t just home owners who qualify; businesses too can apply and get funding that will help them improve their systems to consume less energy. Human activity affects the environment in many ways leading to lower standards of living, a health crisis or making a place completely inhabitable. More and more home financing firms are seeing the need to help in environmental protection and that is why green mortgages is picking up fast.

Have you ever wondered why everyone wants to park their car under a tree for the shade yet no one wants to plant a tree? We want the benefits of a good environment, yet want to play no part in preserving and improving it. Now that you know what a green mortgage is, you can play your small part in controlling your home budget and your impact on the environment. Greening your surroundings means less energy costs, cleaner air, uncontaminated water and a better tomorrow for your offspring. Although there are some complexities that will have to be explained to you by your mortgage broker; the benefits of getting an energy efficient mortgage far outweigh the extra paperwork and terms of the agreement.

If you’d like to learn more about Green Mortgages you can contact Tom at:

Mortgage Hero
5/17 Pearson Way
Osborne Park WA 6017
(08) 6316 0408

Come On Aussie, or Dlook

5 Simple Ways to Save the Planet that We Love

Conserving our planet should be a priority for all of us. We can’t take Earth for granted and we have to respect this beautiful planet that we’re fortunate to live in. Here are some ways to help us save Mother Earth!

1. Saving water means life. Life on earth will be literally dead without a most precious commodity that every drop of water can bring. Let’s start from our homes, from our own initiative to save water.

2. Giving importance to sources that harness Renewable Energy, thereby producing a clean source of energy deters the dangers carbon dioxide and other chemical pollutants can do to harm the environment we live in. We must not exacerbate the effects that global warming is doing now to our planet because of pollutants that are affecting our ozone layer.

3. The Animal kingdom must be spared from extinction by our human desire to consume their by-products. We kill these animals for our food, their skin or for clothing, inject them to test medicines, etc.  We must preserve and care for all species. Funny how us, humans, have selfishly killed hapless living creatures for our own personal gain.

4. Total banning of Plastic bags or materials by switching to reusable bags can save the planet. Plastics aren’t classified as biodegradable so it’s very difficult to get rid of them. Plastic materials have known to kill animals like birds, sea turtles and whales and destroy marine life and sanctuaries yearly. While plastics are non-biodegradable therefore lethal or deadly to living things from plants, animals and humans alike.

5. Recycling and using paper conscientiously since paper is a by-product of our trees. Using less or no paper at all will save our trees that have lived for hundreds or even thousands of years giving us the clean air we breathe. Before we start writing on a piece of paper, let’s ask ourselves if jotting down on a small piece of the paper and throwing them into to the trash bin is worth the death of a tree.

Let’s start our conservation efforts to save mother earth now. Loving the earth means loving one’s self. One tiny spark will start a light that can illuminate the darkness. Let start with making a personal commitment to make a bolder and bigger step to save our planet right now. We can do it because we know what is at stake.

Top 5 Benefits of Bicycling for Your Health

This seemingly simple two wheeled mode of transport holds a massive impact in our conservation efforts. The benefits of riding a bicycle encompass many conservation efforts that hit your inner being – your soul.


1. A deep connection is established between the rider and nature. Nature’s gifts are never ending. Its beauty embodies the world we live in. With nature, we feel and see the many facets of how majestic the world is.

2. This activity empowers you to reach further via connectivity, aware of what is essential in this life that opens a door for feeling compassion for others and gaining the gift to become introspective and innovative.

3. A healthy body gives way to a healthy soul. Exercising releases Endorphin which are neurotransmitters coming from our central nervous system that prompt neurons to stimuli are making one feel happy or euphoric. Therefore, exercising like Bicycling is good for both our mental and physical well-being.


Try Bicycling to have a deeper sense of the state of being. If haven’t done it regularly, it will change your life.

Here’s a cool infographic with 5 key benefits of cycling:

7 Easy Ways To Conserve Water at Home

As a general rule, our bodies make up between 60-75% of our bodies for proper hydration. Water is needed for our survival. Let’s conserve every drop to stay healthy. Here are some useful tips on how to save water.

Using a Bucket saves more water than using the shower for bathing

Taking a shower for not more than 9.5 minutes, will not only clean a huge part of your body but will also save more water compared to using two to three buckets of water

Use and Re-Use Your Drinking Glass

Using that same glass for the whole day will save you on washing more drinking glasses for the rest of the day. So hang on to that favorite design glass. As a rule of thumb, do not leave your faucet running, or else, it may run up on your water.

Wash Fruits and Vegetables using a Bowl

No running water, please. Rub a dub your veggies and fruits in a bowl instead of letting the faucet run.

Repair Pipes and Sources of Water Leaks

Empower ourselves and take charge of all possible leaks to deter water from escaping from our pipes in our homes.


Flushing Your Toilet Sparingly

If its brown and not yellow, its signals green as in go flush but if the color is just yellow, it signals red for stop. No need to flush yet. Up to 7 gallons of water is wasted every time we flush our waste away.

Water is a primordial component for all living thing to survive. We must start contributing our share to the conservation efforts before it gets too late.

Need more tips? Watch this video and find out how you can save more water at home.