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Over 40 years we provide a direct, local, realistic and accessible contribution to the protection and restoration of the natural environment
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40 years ago, a group of people from a community coming from diverse socio-economic classes and age groups, saw the need to conserve our environment via protecting and restoring nature and our environment – planet earth.

During the 70’s, the advent of the Walkman was invented. Microwave ovens, though, invented during the 40’s for catering food, became popularly used in households as a necessary appliance. Computers and the advent of the use of emails were conceived during the era wherein the rights of women were being highlighted with women’s groups being formed. Women’s rights groups were most prevalent during this time in our history.

The Tasmanian Environmental Center were visionaries, who spearheaded conservation practices by going back to using the most basic and essential ways that mother earth had to offer as a way of life when the majority of the populace was busy discovering new gadgets and ways to modernize their homes, communities, the world.

Our group’s goal is to herald the resources that mother earth gifts us with and to live in harmony, empowering each and everyone to conquer any form of challenge as we journey back to using what is essential to our planet, for our survival.

Today, our experience has made us a credible source for people/groups from other countries around the world to acquire information and support about changing our mindset about what growth and advancement to the world really means.