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5 Simple Ways to Save the Planet that We Love

Conserving our planet should be a priority for all of us. We can’t take Earth for granted and we have to respect this beautiful planet that we’re fortunate to live in. Here are some ways to help us save Mother Earth!

1. Saving water means life. Life on earth will be literally dead without a most precious commodity that every drop of water can bring. Let’s start from our homes, from our own initiative to save water.

2. Giving importance to sources that harness Renewable Energy, thereby producing a clean source of energy deters the dangers carbon dioxide and other chemical pollutants can do to harm the environment we live in. We must not exacerbate the effects that global warming is doing now to our planet because of pollutants that are affecting our ozone layer.

3. The Animal kingdom must be spared from extinction by our human desire to consume their by-products. We kill these animals for our food, their skin or for clothing, inject them to test medicines, etc.  We must preserve and care for all species. Funny how us, humans, have selfishly killed hapless living creatures for our own personal gain.

4. Total banning of Plastic bags or materials by switching to reusable bags can save the planet. Plastics aren’t classified as biodegradable so it’s very difficult to get rid of them. Plastic materials have known to kill animals like birds, sea turtles and whales and destroy marine life and sanctuaries yearly. While plastics are non-biodegradable therefore lethal or deadly to living things from plants, animals and humans alike.

5. Recycling and using paper conscientiously since paper is a by-product of our trees. Using less or no paper at all will save our trees that have lived for hundreds or even thousands of years giving us the clean air we breathe. Before we start writing on a piece of paper, let’s ask ourselves if jotting down on a small piece of the paper and throwing them into to the trash bin is worth the death of a tree.

Let’s start our conservation efforts to save mother earth now. Loving the earth means loving one’s self. One tiny spark will start a light that can illuminate the darkness. Let start with making a personal commitment to make a bolder and bigger step to save our planet right now. We can do it because we know what is at stake.