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How Better Education Helps The Planet

When people talk about the ways that we can help the environment, they often focus on recycling or reducing waste. A lot of people ignore the value of a good education. Read on to learn more about how stronger education can help the planet. Education and training courses have a lot of benefits that people ignore.

It Can Help People To Appreciate The Environment

Many people simply don’t appreciate the world around them. They take our incredible planet for granted. Thankfully, education can help to change that. A lot of people underestimate our planet. They don’t understand how complex it actually is.

When people learn more about the environment, their appreciation of our world deepens. When people understand just how amazing Earth is, they want to do everything in their power to keep the planet safe. Education can clear up phobias, and it can also lead to an influx of enthusiasm.

It Can Encourage People To Take Responsible Actions

The world is full of people that don’t recycle or produce more waste than they need to. More often than not, people aren’t doing these things maliciously. They are simply taking these actions because they don’t realize how harmful their behavior can actually be.

When people are properly educated, they understand how damaging litter can truly be. People are far more willing to take extra steps to help the planet when they realize the effect that their actions will have. Education is a great way to encourage people to reduce their carbon footprint.

It Can Help Students To Understand The Big Picture

In many cases, “going green” requires people to make a lot of small changes to their lifestyle. For example, people may be asked to switch to energy efficient light bulbs or to use less water. Many people underestimate the importance of these kinds of small changes.

When students have a great education under their belts, they’ll be able to see the big picture. They’ll be able to understand the effect that their actions have. They’ll see that even little changes can have a big impact on the world around them. If you want to protect the planet, you need to focus on the little details and the big picture.

A Great Education Will Go Beyond The Classroom

When students receive a great education, they won’t just be able to write strong papers or ace tests. They’ll gain knowledge that will be able to help them outside of the classroom.

Students that have been properly educated will be able to better understand causes and effects. They’ll have a chance to see how economic policies and social norms impact the environment. The deeper their understanding goes, the better. A detailed education will allow students to accomplish a lot.

Are you trying to do everything you can to help the environment? If you want to aid the planet, you may want to work to improve our educational system. If every student receives an excellent education, our planet will be in a much better place.

Environmental drilling in action

A Basic Explanation of Environmental Drilling

There are many people who wonder what environmental drilling is and what it can be used for. It is important that you understand what this kind of drilling is and whether there are any applications that suit your needs. It is important to note that environmental drilling is not something that everyone will have a need for.

What Is Environmental Drilling?

Before you start looking at the applications of environmental drilling, you need to know what this is. Environmental drilling is a service which is performed to take groundwater or soil samples. These samples are generally required to determine if there is contamination to the area or if monitoring or remediation wells are required to treat the groundwater. There are a number of different drilling and probing techniques which are used as part of environmental drilling.

The first is sonic drilling which uses a rotary and vibratory drilling system. This system is generally used for sampling up to a depth of 200 meters and will generally work to core overburden or friable rock formations. The core overburden could be gravel, earth, sand or cobbles.

Hollow-stem auger drilling will use flight-style augers with a hollow center. These drills can be used up to a depth of 60 meters. The samples that these drills obtain come from periodically driving a hollow spoon down the hollow inside of the drill.

The last type of drilling that you should know about is direct-push drilling. This drilling is also known as soil probing and is a basic form of sampling. A hollow sample tube will be driven into the ground by a high-speed hammer. This form of sampling can be used up to a depth of 50 meters.

Applications Of Environmental Drilling

There are many applications of environmental drilling that you should be aware of. These applications are generally divided into 2 categories of investigation and remedial. The application of the drilling will impact the type of drilling system that is used.

One of the common applications of environmental drilling is for groundwater monitoring wells. This application will have the drills creating a borehole where monitoring wells can be placed. Each of the monitoring wells will look for contaminants in the groundwater and will be at varying depths. The borehole will generally be sealed after the drilling to ensure that there is no cross contamination of the samples.

Another application of this drilling to create extraction wells. These wells will generally be used to treat groundwater that has been contaminated. The water will be pumped out of the well and then treated for the contaminant. The water will then be pumped back into the well and the well will be sealed to prevent any further contamination.

It is important that you know what environmental drilling is and what its applications are. This will help you determine if you need to hire the services of an environmental drilling professional. Generally, environmental drilling is used by farmers and those who use groundwater.

For more information talk to:

Hagstrom Drilling
29 Sorbonne Crescent
Canning Vale WA 6155
1800 082 200

The Environmental Benefits Of Regular Heavy Vehicle Maintenance

Every vehicle, from the largest of trucks to the smallest of cars, places some strain on the environment. With that said, it’s clear that heavy vehicles emit more emissions into the air around us.

If you drive a heavy vehicle, and are looking for ways to reduce your environmental impact, you should make sure your vehicle is properly maintained. Servicing your trucks regularly can make a very big difference to our world.

Regular Maintenance Can Help You Reduce Your Emissions

Larger vehicles are going to produce more emissions than smaller vehicles; there is no getting around that. With that said, vehicles that are properly cared for can reduce the amount of emissions that they produce.

We need to breathe clean air. If we can reduce the amount of smog that our vehicles produce, then we can keep the air around us clean. Have your vehicle cared for so that you can keep your emissions in check.

Cared-For Vehicles Have A Longer Lifespan

If a vehicle does not receive regular maintenance, it is likely that the vehicle will eventually break down. This means that the vehicle may wind up in a junk yard or a scrap heap.

There is no reason for a vehicle to go to waste. Vehicles can continue to run for a very long time if the owner of the vehicle takes care of it.

Caring for your vehicle will save you money, and it will also keep your vehicle from winding up in a landfill. If you provide great care, your vehicle will be able to last for a very long time.

Recycled heavy vehicle parts

Regular Maintenance Means Your Vehicle Can Be Recycled

Eventually, every vehicle is going to stop working. However, if your vehicle has been properly maintained over the years, you won’t have to discard any of its parts. The entire vehicle can be recycled.

Vehicle parts can be valuable if the vehicle itself is in great shape. Those parts can be used to produce a wide range of items, and they can even be used on other vehicles. When a vehicle is perfectly maintained, it’ll have the opportunity to live a second life.

Maintenance Can Identify Problems

Any vehicle that is sold on the modern market has to meet certain emission standards. With that said, a vehicle that is poorly maintained may no longer meet those standards. Damage can cause a vehicle to do things that it isn’t supposed to do.

When a professional is looking over your vehicle, they’ll be able to identify any issues like this. Once the issues are identified, they can be resolved. If you play your cards right, you’ll be able to keep any issues like this from spiraling out of control. You can keep your car functioning the way it is supposed to function.

As you can see, regular maintenance can benefit both your vehicle and the world around you. Driving a heavy vehicle doesn’t mean that you have to cause harm to the planet. It’s possible to drive a larger vehicle while protecting the environment that you live in.

Is Sea Freight An Eco-Friendly Shipping Option?

Globalization has revolutionized how business is done since the world is the focus of businesses as opposed to just one’s country. Globalization has led to increased demand for goods and services in different parts of the world. This increased demand for goods has resulted in tremendous growth for the shipping industry.

However, the reality is that international shipping has a huge impact on the environment. The goods consumed in most parts of the world are imported and most of them get in through sea freight. They not only include consumer good but also grain, timber, dry bulk cargo, smartphones, TVs, and so on. This movement of goods across the world is what has resulted in the global shipping sector being responsible for about 1 billion tons of emissions each year.

Interestingly, when the environmental impact of different freight services is taken into consideration, sea freight appears significantly more environmentally friendly and less harmful. According to a recent study, small freight The cargo ship with the crane. ships that carry 2 tons over 5000 Km produce about 150 Kg of emissions. However, a cargo plane that bears the same load and covers the same distance produces about 6605 kg of emissions.

Still, importers don’t prefer using small ships since huge cargo vessels are the most popular option right now. Huge cargo ships consume a lot of fuel but when compared to the loads they carry, their impact on the environment is limited. A huge cargo ship carrying vehicles and other heavy equipment has less impact on the environment in comparison to other freight options carrying the same load over the same distance.

The sea freight industry is however doing a lot to lessen its impact on the environment. Today, there are several environmentally friendly ships already operating across the world. In fact, the first ever solar powered cargo vessel set sail back in 2009. However, if the huge capital investments in shipping is anything to go by, it is easy to conclude that ship owners are not looking to get rid of old ships any time soon.

The period from 2007 to 2012 witnessed a significant reduction in emissions since the recession forced shipping companies to operate their ships at lower speeds to save fuel. 24 knots was the average speed that ships used to travel at before the recession and this dropped to 16 knots later on. However, once the economy bounced back, the ships reverted back to the original speeds. As a result, experts are now speculating that emissions attributed to sea freight could rise by about 250 percent by 2050.

The good news is that shipping companies are now facing a lot of pressure to cut down on their emissions. With the current changes in the sea freight industry and the pressure to implement eco-friendly measures to reduce pollution, it won’t be long before cargo ships are no longer considered a threat to the environment any longer.

Final Thoughts

Is sea freight an environmentally shipping option? Yes it is. It is much better than air, road or rail. It still has an impact on the environment but with the changes happening in the industry, it will soon have no impact on the environment.

How You Can Help The Environment by Using Less Water

Do you want to help preserve the environment? Do you want to reduce your water bill? Do you want to learn how to save water or use less water? Well, you came to the right place because there are tips that you can apply to yourself or share with your family and friends so that they wouldn’t be wasting their own water. These tips are super easy, simple and effective and if you want to start right now then you can. Water, after all, is a necessity in your life so you have to learn not to waste and to start off here are tips that you can do to use less water.

 Keep water consumption in mind when renovating your bathroom

The best way to reduce your water consumption is to plan ahead. When building your home or renovating your bathroom keep water consumption in mind. This might mean forgoing that amazing monsoon shower and installing a water saving shower head instead, or opting for a slightly smaller bath tub. These decisions will impact your water use for years to come, so even small savings will add up.

A mini bucket is your friend

If you want to start saving your water then you should know that a bucket is going to be your friend. You see a bucket can hold a lot of water for you and when you see the amount of water that the bucket has accumulated it will psychologically inform you that you are about to use to much water which will then allow you to less water. A bucket can be used to take a bath or when you are washing your face.

A person washing their hands in the bathroom sink. Slightly soft - best at smaller sizes.

If not in use then don’t waste

Water isn’t abundant. If you aren’t using any water then don’t waste it.

This would mean that if you are washing your face or even putting soap in your hands then you should turn off the sink because if you don’t then water will be wasted. Remember that every second you do other things while the water is running can accumulate to a glass of water being wasted. So if you aren’t using the water then don’t waste it.

Multitask when you shower

This would mean that if you are taking a shower why don’t you put shampoo and when that is done you put soap as well. This way when you are going to take a shower it will only be in one go since you already put shampoo on your hair and soap on your body. You wouldn’t be wasting water but rather saving it and you get to save time as well.

Fix if something is leaking

Another way for you to start saving watering or not wasting water is to fix any leaks you can find in your bathroom. This way when you are about to use the bathroom water you wouldn’t be using it in a double usage, when using plus the leak. Fixing the leak would also save you and your home because the leak can get worse and cause more damage.

When you start applying these tips you would be amazed on how much you can save. The number thing though would be water and the rest would be your home and money. Water, after all, is a basic necessity and even if you have all the money in the world to pay for your water bill it doesn’t mean you should waste it. That is why these tips have been made to help you and all you have to do is apply it. You would be amazed on how things will change because you did this so apply these tips right now.

How to Keep Your Pool Environment Friendly

Do you want to change your pool into an environment-friendly kind? If you are, then you came to the right place because there are simple and easy ways that you can follow to change your pool into an environment-friendly kind of pool. Environment-friendly pools are quite a trend now a day because people are a concern for the environment and to show that they care for the environment, the pool can be their first way of showing it. So that you can also do the same with your pool here are ways that you apply to your pool to make it environment-friendly.


Don’t put chemicals in the water: when you want your pool to be environment-friendly, you have to make sure that you don’t add chemicals to it. If you do that, then the environment will have to compensate for such a thing because when you are about to drain the pool to clean then the water with the chemicals will go to the environment and can be deadly to the plants and other living things.

Children activities in swimming pool

Avoid using chemicals when cleaning: cleaning your pool or glass pool fence can be a significant work for you that is why you would usually use chemicals to make the cleaning faster. The bad thing about using chemicals to clean your pool is that the chemicals can still stick to the walls and floor of the pool and when you refill the water then your pool will mix with the cleaning chemicals. That is why you should just brush it and use water when cleaning your pool.


Use solar powered panels: using solar powered isn’t only going to let your pool be environment-friendly, but it can be energy efficient. It can’t be helped that sometimes you would want to heat up your pool at night or whenever you want and so that you wouldn’t be harming the environment using solar powered panel can be utilized for that matter since it is getting energy naturally.


Use a pool cover to protect your pool: a pool cover is inexpensive, super environment-friendly and can benefit you and your pool so much. The pool cover is like a blanket for your pool so that it wouldn’t get dried up by the sun, can protect it from any falling leaves, if any and keep the warmth during the cold season. This way you wouldn’t have to heat up your pool and have trouble cleaning your pool when you have it with you.


These are just four ways for you to make your swimming pool environment-friendly. This way you wouldn’t be only swimming in a safe pool, but you are also protecting the environment from the harm that a swimming pool can potentially give to the environment. The best thing about this is that all the necessary things you need to start your pool into an environment-friendly type are all affordable, easy to find or you wouldn’t need anything. An environment-friendly pool, after all, doesn’t only benefit you but also the environment that surrounds you.

Teenagers with environemnt friendly European car

Top 4 Environment Friendly European Cars

Are you looking to drive an environmentally friendly vehicle that will provide comfort, style, and class? These five green brands provide eco-friendly options that guarantee years of ongoing satisfaction.

Let’s get started!

1. Audi A3 E-Tron Ultra

Eco-friendly and electric vehicles should offer a high mile-per-gallon rate, a reasonable price, and low CO2 emissions per mile. The rating on an Audi A3 E-Tron Ultra is 41 mpg and 138 CO2 g/mile. Expert reviews claim the vehicle still needs an interior upgrade. However, from the exterior, the Ultra is sleek, smooth, and ready to roll. As of 2017, the Audi A3 E-Tron Ultra is Audi’s best green vehicle. It offers an electric assist option, making it an official hybrid. There are few things not to love about this recent release – especially from Audi.

2. Volkswagen E-Golf

This particular electric vehicle offers an incredibly impressive number of electric miles per gallon. At 116 whopping miles and 201 CO2 g/mile, the Volkswagen e-Golf is worth the price it averages in the market. The compact car requires no gasoline to function and can drive up to 83 miles per charge. For some experts, this isn’t quite enough length from a full charge. However, Volkswagen is only improving its game. We’ll see another impressive, eco-friendly vehicle in the coming years.

3. Skoda Citigo G-Tec

This hybrid vehicle is budget and eco-friendly, with CO2 emissions at less than 85 CO2 g/mile. When it comes to the Citigo G-Tec, there is little difference between the outside and inside – making service and maintenance for your Skoda a breeze. There are low levels of gas consumption and emissions, as the vehicle uses an alternative fuel source known as CNG. Since all Skoda vehicles are designed to be eco-friendly and efficient, this vehicle is anything but surprising. In fact, there is an entire G-Tec line to explore.

4. BMW i8 Electric Car Protonic

The BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle with an electric motor in the front axle to power the front wheels. It offers a sleek, modern design and a comfortable interior. While the i8 is far more expensive than other European electric cars, it offers a 357-hp hybrid power train, the ability to hit 60 mph in four seconds, and 38 MPG. Experts have shared concerns about regenerative braking and eco-friendly tires hindering performance. However, this seems well worth it for a vehicle with sharp steering, familiar controls, and unbeatable style.

Wind turbines sillouetted at sunset

Renewable Energy is the Key to a Clean Australia

The ways in which we produce energy to heat our homes and run businesses is changing – we are at the beginning of a revolution that is long overdue. The reason we need to start protecting our environment is that our current methods are draining the planet’s resources.

Fossil fuels are coal, oil, and natural gas; huge power stations are a mining coal to burn and create power for our homes. Coal is non-renewable with means it is earth’s source than cannot be replaced, it means we are constantly drawing on the resources that will eventually dwindle away. This is becoming so expensive and is eating away at the earth.

Renewable energy is the key – this is obtaining energy by using natural sources such as the wind, rain, tides or solar power. The sun’s energy can be captured by solar panels and used to heat homes, create electricity, heat water and successfully be used industrially. After the initial outlay of solar panels, the sun does all the hard work without putting any pressure on the earth’s valuable non-renewable sources.

Mining in itself it tricky – it is the most dangerous career known to man. Mining is a waste of land and water as well as causing air pollution which is an extra strain on the ozone layer. Coal pollution is also bad for our health and is known to shorten lives of the people being exposed to it. Coal mining can also pollute the water if it is done on mountain tops.

It seems crazy that we are going to such extreme lengths to create energy when there are natural elements around us all of the time that are constant such as the wind and the sun. The wind is not the most pleasant weather condition. However, it is all around us a lot of the time. Windmills can capture the energy and similar to solar panels after the initial outlay of installing the wind turbines we can sit back and let nature do the hard work.

Many people in Australia have been opposed to the wind turbines thinking that they spoil the look of the countryside. Wind turbines, however, are not all that offensive when you take into account how a power station looks – a huge lump of concrete with smoke billowing from numerous chimneys. Thinking about the benefits of this renewable energy – a few wind turbines dotted around on the horizon are a small price to pay. Solar panels can be installed on every rooftop – they are not visually unattractive and can offer huge benefits.

Green Mortgage

Get A Green Mortgage And Help Protect The Environment

Research has shown that environmental degradation and poor living standards go hand in hand. When it comes to protecting the environment; everyone should chip in to make the world more livable and improve the quality of life as we know it. All these reasons have led to what is now called environmental or “green” mortgage”, it basically means that potential home owners or those seeking mortgages get higher amounts at lower interest rates if they are planning to make their homes more energy efficient. How about that? By making your home more energy efficient, you reduce your heating and cooling costs, protect the environment by having a smaller carbon footprint and thus you deserve to borrow more on your home. Ask your broker if they offer green mortgages, going green is protecting ourselves and securing the future for those who come after us.

So how can you as a home owner upgrade your home and save lots of money in the process while reducing the carbon footprint? Here are a few options.

* proper insulation, on average, about 60% of electricity expenses comes from heating and cooling the house, proper insulation means the house doesn’t heat up from external heat and when its cold, heat is not lost.

* double paned windows reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 20%.

* changing your dishwasher to an energy star rated one that uses less water and electricity.

* using compost on the kitchen garden or lawn instead of products bought from the stores.

* recycling the cans and bottles used in the house, throwing them in the trash means they get taken to landfills which degrade the environment even further. Kitchen waste can be used in composting.

When contacted for a comment, Tom Porter of Mortgage Hero Perth explained- “Getting a green or energy efficient mortgage (EEM) is one of the best ways you can play your part in protecting the environment. Anyone who qualifies for a regular mortgage automatically qualifies for an EEM too.”

To get one, you need to check the improvements needed in your home first, get an official inspection from the mortgage firm and you are good to go. It isn’t just home owners who qualify; businesses too can apply and get funding that will help them improve their systems to consume less energy. Human activity affects the environment in many ways leading to lower standards of living, a health crisis or making a place completely inhabitable. More and more home financing firms are seeing the need to help in environmental protection and that is why green mortgages is picking up fast.

Have you ever wondered why everyone wants to park their car under a tree for the shade yet no one wants to plant a tree? We want the benefits of a good environment, yet want to play no part in preserving and improving it. Now that you know what a green mortgage is, you can play your small part in controlling your home budget and your impact on the environment. Greening your surroundings means less energy costs, cleaner air, uncontaminated water and a better tomorrow for your offspring. Although there are some complexities that will have to be explained to you by your mortgage broker; the benefits of getting an energy efficient mortgage far outweigh the extra paperwork and terms of the agreement.

If you’d like to learn more about Green Mortgages you can contact Tom at:

Mortgage Hero
5/17 Pearson Way
Osborne Park WA 6017
(08) 6316 0408

Come On Aussie, or Dlook

5 Simple Ways to Save the Planet that We Love

Conserving our planet should be a priority for all of us. We can’t take Earth for granted and we have to respect this beautiful planet that we’re fortunate to live in. Here are some ways to help us save Mother Earth!

1. Saving water means life. Life on earth will be literally dead without a most precious commodity that every drop of water can bring. Let’s start from our homes, from our own initiative to save water.

2. Giving importance to sources that harness Renewable Energy, thereby producing a clean source of energy deters the dangers carbon dioxide and other chemical pollutants can do to harm the environment we live in. We must not exacerbate the effects that global warming is doing now to our planet because of pollutants that are affecting our ozone layer.

3. The Animal kingdom must be spared from extinction by our human desire to consume their by-products. We kill these animals for our food, their skin or for clothing, inject them to test medicines, etc.  We must preserve and care for all species. Funny how us, humans, have selfishly killed hapless living creatures for our own personal gain.

4. Total banning of Plastic bags or materials by switching to reusable bags can save the planet. Plastics aren’t classified as biodegradable so it’s very difficult to get rid of them. Plastic materials have known to kill animals like birds, sea turtles and whales and destroy marine life and sanctuaries yearly. While plastics are non-biodegradable therefore lethal or deadly to living things from plants, animals and humans alike.

5. Recycling and using paper conscientiously since paper is a by-product of our trees. Using less or no paper at all will save our trees that have lived for hundreds or even thousands of years giving us the clean air we breathe. Before we start writing on a piece of paper, let’s ask ourselves if jotting down on a small piece of the paper and throwing them into to the trash bin is worth the death of a tree.

Let’s start our conservation efforts to save mother earth now. Loving the earth means loving one’s self. One tiny spark will start a light that can illuminate the darkness. Let start with making a personal commitment to make a bolder and bigger step to save our planet right now. We can do it because we know what is at stake.